Quality is a major element in products and services policy of Nutristar International.

Quality starts before products creation since it answers to customers’ needs and demands and it remains during their developments.

Nutristar International
relies on a research and development team, a laboratory (COFRAC certified), a research station, and ISO / GMP certified specialized manufacturing workshops:

Service quality is insured by our rigorous logistics, technical and economical support towards our customers.

Nutristar International quality is independant from the main suppliers of raw materials and additives. We always tend to offer the best, optimizing interactions of products to one another (raw materials, additives, molecules, etc.)

Nutristar International products complies with European laws.

Quality is also a concern for men and women, all engaged to satisfy customers and prospects needs : professionalism, reliability, continuous training, strictness in respecting processes and laws.

Quality also takes environmental data into account: decreasing rejects (azote, phosphorous, heavy metals, etc.), improving the carbon balance, or optimizing rations of feed.

Quality makes the supply of organic feed possible from dedicated manufacturing units.

And last but not least, quality is not possible without the settlement of a total traceability, recording and following whole channels.

Nutristar International offers quality products that bring profitability and develoment, in respect of environmental balance: ‘reasonable services and productions for a responsible agricultural development’.