Since 2004, CCPA Group has set up an ambitious research project on the interactions between animal Nutrition and Health. These works enabled to develop a new multi-species (poultry, ruminant and pig) preventive nutritional technique, baptized Axion®.

It consists in finely adapting the inputs, according to the sanitary contexts of breeding and natural stressful events met by the animal (weaning, peripartum, transport, vaccination, heat stress, high productions…).

The Axion® range, with products focused to each animal species and each stage of animal production, reduces stress and inflammation consequences. The animals become more resistant to disease and can express their production potential with an improved consumption index, as proved in the many trials led in research centre and farms.

Besides, the Axion® products are nutritional solutions with plant extracts and essential oils, which can represent adequate alternatives to the use of medicines and antibiotics. Indeed, Deltavit laboratory has developed a phyto- expertise in the knowledge, selection and use of plant extracts in animal nutrition. Thus, CCPA Group owns a unique data base, listing in particular antioxidant capacity (TEAC values) of more than 130 ingredients used in animal nutrition.

As for poultry and rabbits, AXION® solutions are available as feed additives (AXION® BREEDER, AXION® BROILER, AXION® RABBIT) and liquid nutritional supplements (STIMFLASH®).

As for ruminants, the nutritional supplement AXION® DRYCOW is dedicated to the drycow stage and the product AXION® ADAPT adapted to young cattle fattening.

Then, for pigs, the AXION® technique is included in piglets starter feed AX’ECLA®, in the feed additive IMM’AX® and in sows specific feed additives (see products catalogue enclosed).


Discover this innovative Axion® technique by watching the video enclosed :


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The effectiveness of VIVACTIV ' feed additives range for ruminants(AMIVIV / TURBOVIV / RUMIVIV) is expressed today through more than twenty countries on five continents. In 2012, more than 1,050,000 tons of feed have been manufactured under  VIVACTIV ' technique, leading to gains in production of milk, ADWG and substantial savings on feed manufacturing, today a significant aspect to higher  costs of raw materials.

Our ruminants feed additives catalogue HERE


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