Milk products

Nutristar International proposes a wide range of milk replacement feed and standard milk premix. We can also manufacture specific formulae to our customers, that are adapted to their market or to their country’s characteristics.

Our product range dedicated to calves, lambs and piglets brings fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. We include many other additives as well : enzymes, amino-acids, essential oils, vegetal extracts, pro-biotics, etc.

A milk replacement feed that respects young animals needs is a fundamental element in livestock farming. A qualitative choice of raw materials, their digestibility, their solubility has a great impact on animal health and growth, preventing from diarrhoea particularly. An adapted feeding program that includes appetizing forage, very digestible feed, water supply at will, and strengthening of weak calves thanks to nutritional products, insure technical and economical performance.

A maximum quantity of milk based raw materials, their quality and steadiness offer homogeneous products. In addition to the carefulness of the livestock farmer during feed preparation and a right distribution temperature, they contribute to Nutristar International’s success of milk replacement feed abroad.

Nutristar International valorises livestock potentials, optimizing young animals’ feed economically and zoo-technically.



A production
site beyond
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Nutristar International specializes in production facilities for different product lines.
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Nutristar International, is one of the few nutrition companies in Europe, with its own research station, its own chemical and biological laboratory.
Very often the premix is less than 1% by volume of the feed and less than 5% in value.
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to nutrition
Very often the premix is less than 1% by volume of the feed and less than 5% in value.
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