Nutritional products

Animals have various needs during their lifetime. These needs are linked to their physiological status (growth, production, breeding, etc.) corresponding to a definite input to each cycle to support, improve or corrects deficits or overdoses that animals can not recover by themselves.

It is sometimes difficult to modify a ration or change feed for a livestock batch. To cover specific needs that can be peculiar to an individual or to a whole batch, Nutristar International proposes a range of additives products, said nutritional products that can be implemented in feed for these periods.

From recovering hepatic functions to egg yolk colour, or meat quality, Nutristar International proposes a complete range of nutritional products with specific goals.

Nutristar International proposes a global solution from premix to feed formula, including nutritional products, to optimize and insure productions.



A production
site beyond
the norm
Nutristar International specializes in production facilities for different product lines.
A station
in applied
Nutristar International, is one of the few nutrition companies in Europe, with its own research station, its own chemical and biological laboratory.
Very often the premix is less than 1% by volume of the feed and less than 5% in value.
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to nutrition
Very often the premix is less than 1% by volume of the feed and less than 5% in value.
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