Deltavit, our analysis laboratory, is our internal link between the plant (analysing raw materials and finished products), the research station and test farms.

Master piece of our quality service, our lab is both the warrantor of manufactured products and the provider of solutions. It is one of the scarce European labs that is still linked to an animal nutrition group.

It has both a chemical analysis department and a biological analysis department.
It brings essential information during the settlement of a matrix of feed and raw material utilization, and for calibration of essential oils, vegetal extracts, etc.

  • Biological analysis department helps to better determine florae evolution depending on additives and components of the feed.
  • All these facts and specialization give our laboratory international and professional acknowledgement.
  • Its very high level of competence for specific analysis makes this laboratory COFRAC accredited.
  • Our laboratory participates internationally to the development of new methods of analysis.



A production
site beyond
the norm
Nutristar International specializes in production facilities for different product lines.
A station
in applied
Nutristar International, is one of the few nutrition companies in Europe, with its own research station, its own chemical and biological laboratory.
Very often the premix is less than 1% by volume of the feed and less than 5% in value.
A global
to nutrition
Very often the premix is less than 1% by volume of the feed and less than 5% in value.
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