Research station

Innovation is a part of our corporate culture.

Nutristar International is one of the rare nutrition company in Europe to possess its own research station, its own chemical and biological laboratory, its research team (30 engineers), its analysts.

This enables us to offer:

  • Nutrition that is technically and economically optimized: enzymes, additives, growth promoter substitutes, adapted essential oils.
  • An accurate measure is made for each molecule according to French specifications.

Highly skilled programs:

  • Tests of nutritional and health solutions on site.
  • Connection between basic research and ground.
  • Economical measurement of solutions.
  • Participation to staff training.

Useful services to livestock farmers and technicians:

  • Software for feed rationing.
  • Dosing techniques.
  • Diagnosis.
  • Level immunit…

A follow-up of products and productions in our laboratory measures defective elements, resistance and oxidative levels of cells, biological data, evaluation of some oils and their active principles…

These innovations and research are supported internally by:

  • Mastery and know-how of our laboratory which is internationally acknowledged.  
  • An operational and effective marketing which supports and follows development plans of our customers.
  • An industrial process which launches manufacturing solutions and support our customers in their development (plant settlement, advices for necessary equipment, laws, ISO or GMP quality training, etc.)
  • A library open to all of our customers.