Most of the time premixes represent less than 1 % of the feed ration in volume and less than 5 % in value. It is therefore very important to evaluate the remaining volume of 99 % and the remaining value of 95 %.

This main activity of Nutristar International, our unique know-how is based on a deep knowledge of economical, nutritional, and industrial parameters. This knowledge is based on:
  • The evaluation of nutritional constraints depending on technical and economical goals of the livestock.
  • The evaluation and analysis of raw materials through a multi-factor matrix.
  • Councils according to technological constraints and norms respect.
Our formulation department optimizes feed formulae in an economical and nutritional point of view. This optimization helps to select the best possible raw materials.

This service guarantees that premix or concentrates in association with raw materials are perfectly dosed to get the better rate between price and performances that any livestock farmer may wish.