Poutry represent over 60% of Nutristar International activities, and 25% of the whole group activities in France.

Proposed developments and solutions are directly issued from tests carried out in our research station, from our experiment from different regions of the world, and from CCPA experience with the best French livestock farmers.

These researches are carried out at every growth levels (chicks, pulets, hens, layers, broilers) and every mode of farming (cages, ground, outdoor, standard or label)

Results from research and experiment lead to the development of products such as NUCLEOR (new presentation of feed), or pre starter feed range (improving muscular development: chicken breasts, etc.)

Optimizing digestive flora (with essential oils, vegetal extracts) was made possible tanks to our laboratory and brought the launch of AXION program (OFER products, premix, additives, nutritional products) and AXISCALE test (stress and immunity tests).

This wide range of solutions of premix, concentrates, pre starters, nutritional products allow to work on meat quality, on the colour and hardness of egg shells, on optimizing feed rations and their profitability to animals.

The same studies and solutions are carried out and available for turkeys, ducks, and game.

Nutristar International develops a whole range of solutions for breeding and fattening rabbits.


A production
site beyond
the norm
Nutristar International specializes in production facilities for different product lines.
A station
in applied
Nutristar International, is one of the few nutrition companies in Europe, with its own research station, its own chemical and biological laboratory.
Very often the premix is less than 1% by volume of the feed and less than 5% in value.
A global
to nutrition
Very often the premix is less than 1% by volume of the feed and less than 5% in value.
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